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How to Fix White Screen on Boot Issue on Apple Mac?

Apple Mac computer get stuck while booting showing white screen is kind of problem users notice globally. This problems is visible when you start your Apple Mac and during the boot it is not starting as expected, it is stuck with white screen, no logo and no progress bar except everything is white leaving you with a totally blank screen.

To fix this white screen problem you need to go through a right troubleshooting process. Just start the system in safe mode and reset the NVRAM to solve the white screen problem. If you don’t want to try this effort, simple call Apple Mac support Australia and professional technicians will resolve your issues online. Otherwise follow the steps discussed below how to fix white screen on boot issue on Apple Mac OS supported devices.

Fix White Screen Issue on Apple Mac

Reboot Mac in Safe Mode

Reboot your Mac computer, then immediately press and hold down the SHIFT key, now release the SHIFT key when Apple logo appears on your screen. Rebooting your Mac system in safe mode is very simple and can help you solve such problems. Check if Mac is working fine in safe mode and not showing the white screen, and then try again rebooting in in normal mode.

Reset the NVRAM and PRAM

Sometimes, resetting the PRAM and NVRAM helps to resolve such issues. PRAM stands for Parameter RAM that holds various information about your Mac while NVRAM stands for Non Volatile Random Access Memory, is used it serves just like PRAM storing information on a memory chip relating to various features.

To reset NVRAM reboot the Mac and when you hear the boot sound hold down the Command+Option+P+R keys simultaneously and when you hear the second boot sound release the keys and NVRAM has been reset. Once you have done reboot your Mac in usual mode if you still see the white screen, call Apple technical support Australia to check the issue professionally and fix with the right solution.

Reset System Management Controller (SMC)

White screen problem is very common among the Mac devices and many times resetting SMC on your MacBook and other Mac devices like Mac Mini and iMac etc. To reset SMC shut down you system and connect it with your MagSafe adapter, hold down the Shift+Control+Option+Power button for a while and then release concurrently. Once you completed boot your Mac in usual mode and check if white screen appears again.

Reinstall Mac OS Again Properly

If all the above efforts gone futile you need to reinstall the Mac OS on your system again with the help of professional technician. Before performing this process keep the backup of your Mac into any other external device. If you need help for Mac backup restore, you can get in touch with Apple Mac help Australia for online support to carry out such actions.

Reinstallation of Mac OS is again a crucial task you should do it with the help of certified technicians. There is lots of risk of installation fail, system crash, data loss and other unexpected errors that can occur at the time of reinstallation process. To get help of Mac experts call to Apple Mac support phone number Australia with toll-free calling and nonstop help.


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