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How to Fix Mac OS Error Code 36?

Mac OS error code 1603 is mainly associated with Mac finder application and can outbreak on any Apple device running with Mac OS version including Mac OS X and Mac Sierra. This error appears while you want to copy files or folders to a new location, or copying them to an email or any other instance. It is a very common error because most users don’t copy folders regularly.

To fix Mac OS Sierra error code 36 you can resolve through various troubleshooting process. And right here you can find the most suitable one given by our experts. Similarly, you also face other error codes on your Apple mac computer, you can also visit another blog how to fix apple mac error code 8072 and for Mac OS error code 36 you can follow the instructions given below.

Mac OS Error Code 36

Steps to Fix Mac OS Finder Error Code 36:


Step-1: Start your system and go to Terminal and follow the path: Application->Utilities-> Terminal.

Step-2: Now type dot_clean and a single space in the first line of the Terminal.

Step-3:  Here you need to drag the flash drive, memory card or file icon to the terminal window, and the /path/folder will be created.

Step-4: Now press Enter and this will merge the hidden files with their host files, which further will fix the error.

Step-5: Now try to copy the files and check if the error is gone.


Step-1: Here you need to check the permissions for copying the files in the Finder.

Step2: To do that go to the Permission and sharing options and make it to Everyone but make sure that your account has read access to these particular files.

Step3: Now check if there is any issue with the external media. Also, check if all the connections are stable or not.

Step4: Just Turn off your Mac and boot it in Safe Mode.

Step5: Now try copying your files. If you can copy them now, restart your PC normally.

Step6: If you cannot, then also restart your PC in normal mode.

Dial Apple Support Number 1-800-431-457 to Fix Mac OS Sierra Errors

If any of the aforesaid method is not enough to fix Mac OS error code 1603 and solve your problem, you can take expert’s help they will diagnosis the actual problem causing this error and fix the same quickly with right solution. You just need to dial Apple support number Australia to get online assistance by our experts and solve your problem with complete safety. Our technicians will definitely help you remotely and fix the Mac finder error code 1603 to make your Apple MacBook computer completely error-free.

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