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How to Backup with Time Machine on Mac OS High Sierra?

Time machine is a convenient tool used in apple to take backup and it can be restored at the time of crises taking backup of Mac OS with the time machine is a typical task. After updating to high sierra many of the users may unable to create a backup using time machine it can be treated by performing a simple SMC and PRAM reset.

If you are not able to boot into your computer and facing a white screen you must read here to know How to Fix White Screen on Boot Issue on Apple Mac. But if you are facing problem while creating a backup with time machine follow best 3 methods explained in the blog and follow them carefully to solve the backup problem with the time machine.

Backup with time machine

Steps to Fix Mac OS High Sierra Time Machine Backup Failed Issue:


Step1: Shut down Mac and disconnect battery and power cord from Mac.

Step2: Wait for 10 seconds and then press shift + control + option and press power button at the same time and hold for 10 seconds.

Step3: Reconnect the battery and reconnect the power cord.

Step4: Restart your Mac and press command + option + P + R until you hear the chime sound.


Step1: Open application and select utilities option and then click on the terminal.

Step2: In terminal type diskutil list and locate the disk partition used by time machine.

Step3: Type diskutil verifyvolume [volume name] and press enter.

Step4: If errors found type diskutil repairvolume [volume name] and press enter.


Step1: Open time machine and uncheck backup automatically option.

Step2: Open panel of your spotlight or finder and make sure indexing is off.

Step3: Open time machine and Press X button near progress bar.

Step4: Search for Backups.backupdb folder and find to delete .inProgress file.

Call Mac Support Number 1-800-431-457 to Fix Time Machine Backup Issues

After performing all the methods if you are not able to take backup with time machine on Mac OS high sierra and need support can contact technical support. You can contact Apple time machine backup support number to get instant online help to fix the problem. Call 1-800-431-457 (AU) to get in touch with certified professionals and get round the clock assistance by dialing toll-free number.

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